Are you desperate for that job, yet you always feel that you are being let down by your own self.

Do you keep being told you were good at the interview but someone else was better suited for the position?

Do you always get the feeling you could have done better? Do you get anxious and feel you did not prepare well enough. If that is the case you have come to the right place.

Success in Job interview can change your life and can get you your dream job. But How do you prepare for job interview and overcome nervousness to attain success? To be honest, it is a no brainer. You become good at what you practice; Job interview is no different.

We at mymockinterview.com have designed an interactive interview preparation tool to help you rehearse your interview answers, where our animated characters will conduct a mock interview. Your answers will be recorded so you can playback, observe and rectify any mistakes and re-record your answers and share with employers and mentors. You cannot afford to learn from mistakes when it comes to job interview instead learn from mistakes using our tool.

As they saying goes, practice makes perfect, so the more time you spend answering more convincing and professional you become. So, be ahead of the competition and create your account on mymockinterview.com now.

How It Works

We understand how important it is for you to find a good job and settle down. We will help you to find one by preparing you to change your job interview to a permanent career success story in just 3 EASY STEPS

Interview Rehearsal

  • Simply just download our desktop application or mobile app.
  • Register with us by choosing your preferred job title you will be interviewing for.
  • Select your Stream, you can use our questions or even customize your own interview questions.
  • Start practicing and recording your responses.

Create Video CV

  • Download android and IOS application Mymockinterview
  • Login with either Gmail and Facebook account.
  • Create Video CV via answering 3 Simple questions.
  • Upload Video CV along with form.
  • Share video CV link on Linkedin, on CV or with Job application.
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Prime Interviews Video

What you'll learn

  • Gaining Answering Power
  • Become More Capable For Interviews And Answering Smartly.
  • Improving The Quality And Delivery Of Responding.
  • Enhance Your Confidence To Face Any Questions
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With us you stand no chance of mistakes and we will help you add perfection in everything you do by:

Enhance your confidence to face any question


Gaining answering power


Become more capable for interviews and answering smartly.


Improving the quality and delivery of responding.


Be prepared for behavioral and technical instances.


Obtain best feedback from peers.


The simulator tool has really helped with practicing my interviews and also made me more capable of confronting any questions that I come across and smartly replying to them. I would recommend this tool to every person who is looking for his or her desired job position. This tool will definitely change your life and make you more confident in answering the questions asked in real interviews.
Before I was introduced to the simulator tool I was really scared from the name interview, but after using this tool I really think that this tool is a real miracle and you can not only practice interview with this tool but it also helps you regain the lost confidence of facing any kind of questions that you come across for your job positions. I advice every enthusiastic job seeker to use this simulator tool and get the well deserved job.
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