Be more vocal with a video CV to find your dream job.

Be Vocal with a Video CV.

We all know how our lives have changed in this pandemic. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everything has gone digital almost. If it is the case of job interviews or meetings, everything is referred to going virtually with the latest technologies' help. Several ways allow conducting virtual meetings and consultation to stop the spread of coronavirus. If we talk about job interviews, then there are implements of new types of resumes, which are called Video CV. In your Video CV, you need to be more focused on your way of speaking and your communication skills.


Video CV is the most effective way to represent you with your overall confidence and vocals. Video CV is all about your gestures, spirit, lyrics, and other things as well. But mainly, your good songs and certainty will help you to achieve and succeed in your virtual job interviews. If you are new to job interviews or your first time, you might face some difficulties. If you are having problems related to what to mention and how to mention it in your Video CV, then you are at the right place. Here you will get all the possible strategies you can implement while making your Video CV for job interviews.


The recruiter mainly wants to see your confidence, enthusiasm, and way of speaking with your qualification.


What is a Video CV?


Video CV is increasing in popularity these days due to the COVID crisis. Due to the pandemic, video CV is taking the lead for job interviews and holding virtual talks instead of meeting in-person to maintain the social distancing. A video CV is just a short visual recording used by the candidates to apply for a specific job. In the video, CV candidates have to mention their abilities and showcase their qualities. Nowadays, a video CV is the best and possible way for the recruiter's to find the perfect fit for their jobs.

Employers are typically inundated with their applications for every advertised role, and it is crucial to make your Video CV effective. Make sure to create the best video CV to stand out. This is the best way to get jobs of your dreams. The savvy career graduates mainly prefer Video CV to submit their resumes in the video format.

The CVs system has been replaced by the Video CV and is widely accepted by people to supplement a written application. Video CVs are either uploaded to a video hosting site or sent to the employers through email directly.

The main motive of a video CV is to highlight the candidate's skills and exoteric and provide insight into their personality.


Advantages of Video CV:

Video CV provides benefits in enormous ways. There are several advantages of video cv which you can avail easily. You don't have to go through trouble while making your CV in video format.


  • Video CV is increasing in popularity, and so there will be more in competition. Make sure to create a compelling video CV to stand out from the other competitors.
  • It allows you to showcase your qualities along with your confidence level.
  • It is the most effective way to shine your personality in front of the recruiters.
  • By creating the most effective and quality video, a CV will allow you to stand out from the crowd with the help of your great confidence and enthusiasm.
  • This is the best way to showcase your creativity. Make sure to avoid the traditional CV template and prefer quality in creative roles.
  • Video CV gives you the chance to display your personality as it is quite challenging to showcase or convey your nature in the written form.
  • Video resumes allow providing a memorable impact on the recruiters.
  • You can demonstrate your communication skills, digital ability, and public speaking. You can quickly show off your portfolio work on the video CV to impress the recruiters.


How to be more Vocal in your Video CV?

It is crucial to be more vocal in your Video CV. Don't let yourself show off only, and make sure to be more vocal with more valuable words. If you want to make your first impression, you need to be more careful about speaking. Make sure to use only informative and useful info.

If you are decisive about giving it a go, then there are numerous things to consider before starting your recording.

  • Before filming, make sure to consider every essential information or topic on which you will speak. Make sure to do some rehearsal before start filming. This will give you more power to represent yourself.
  • You can mark advice against being daunted by the quality of other videos CVs which you find coins.
  • The aim is the most crucial part of your Video CV. And make sure to talk about how you can be helpful for the organization's growth. Instead of talking about yourself, make sure to talk more about the strategy and your capability and show them how you will be a good fit for that specific job.
  • To enhance your power of words, you can write down the vital line you have to mention on paper and practice those lines in front of a camera or mirror. This will boost your confidence and energy level.
  • Make sure to keep the script available in front of your eyes not to avoid the crucial lines.
  • Make sure not to lose track while speaking and be sure of what you are saying.
  • You can also learn the scripts with better practices to prevent you from reading from an autocue or notes.
  • If you want to be more vocal, then make sure to mock rehearsal of your speaking skills. Make sure that you can speak fluently and confidently.
  • You don't have to be vocal or useless things. Only mention valuable sentences and try to be more vocal about your process and how you will fit for their organization, and how you will achieve success if you are selected.
  • Make sure to be vocal oy about your capabilities. Don't go beyond if you are not sure. If a person shows off more in Video CVs, then it seems to be faking. Make sure to be concerned and focused on your abilities and capabilities.
  • Rehearse to build your confidence level.
  • Make sure not to keep your video too lengthy. This gives a wrong impression on the recruiters. Make your video short, creative, useful, and valuable.
  • Don't copy other Video CVs. Make sure to be focused on yourself and your confidence.
  • You can talk about your unique way of selling and any other relevant skills by showing some convincing examples. You can also demonstrate your skills with the help of slideshows or clips.
  • To enhance your vocal skill, you can grant yourself more practice and make sure to end your video by summarising what you have told the recruiters about your strategy and role.



Most people think that video resumes are just a way to explain your abilities and qualifications. But that is not the actual case. Your Video CV is not only about your stuff, but there are also beyond. A well-made video CV is the most effective way to get elected for the job, and this is the most significant type of resume that allows you to shine your personality and impress the recruiters. You can directly impress your recruiters with your fantastic performance with good communication skills.