Why getting a video CV is important in post Covid world

Importance of Video CV

You must be knowing that how the pandemic has changed everything and the way of our lifestyle as well. In the COVID crisis, everything has gone ups and down. Every business faced a lot of loss. But as we know that there is always a possible way to solve every problem. 'For every problem, here is a solution' is a famous phrase that consists of valuable meanings. Even in a pandemic, everything can proceed with strategic ideas. You need to implement your creative ideas to solve every problem.


As per the businesses, they have mainly considered to run and proceed with the web businesses. In this pandemic almost, everything has gone digital and everyone is now dependant on online services as well. If you run businesses then you have to consider the online method for every activity. Make sure to opt for web services as much as you can. Digital services or digital marketing is the most effective way to ensure better outcome results. If you want to continue your progress level then make sure to prefer online businesses.


How video CV is beneficial for a job interview?


Now, if we talk about the possibility of the job that there is a way to get a perfect job in the most reputed company. In this pandemic, most of the business companies are opting for a virtual method of hiring employees for their business work. The employees are being asked to work from their homes to maintain social distancing. Most of the businesses have offered the process of work from home to maintain the al distancing and to work safely. Work from home has become the most significant way to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. Virtual interaction and work from home are taking lead in the field of business. Most of the virtual meetings or interactions are taking place with an in-person interview online.


Video CV is the way to represent your ability in front of the owners. Every day, most of the companies or businesses are initiating the remote work for some staff and other few of the country's marquee companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other digital-related business requirements and hire an employee to work from their homes to stop the spread of coronavirus and to maintain social distancing as well.


According to Google, it was informed that the candidate interview will be conducted in Google hangouts or with the use of other video conferencing services. There are several apps available which offer you to arrange video meetings to be held or conduct any meetings or interviews. Linked in’s also told the job seekers to have their virtual interview via video conferencing for the search of jobs.


We all know that remote work is more feasible and every job seeker should be prepared fully with their video CV to be in the job interviews on apps instead of visiting physically. It is now not necessary to appear at the job center to avail of the interview schedules. With the pandemic concern, every business has adopted the ways of virtual interview system.


Importance of Applications for virtual meeting or interviews:


Nothing has stopped in the coronavirus outbreak. Everything is going on with the strategic ways. Thanks to the latest technology and software to enable the possible ways to handle every work. Microsoft Team and other video conferencing apps allow succeeding in the field of interviews or meetings. Whether you have to conduct meetings or have any events, you can directly prefer these applications to proceed virtually. Most of the apps allow collaborating and communicating with chat or video meetings. These applications also allow sending or receiving any files or documents.


These apps have made it easier for job seekers to represent their Video CV in front of the owner to get hired. For the process of interviews, this starts with an initial phone screen and then allows moving into in-person interviews and the presentation of the candidates. These applications allow candidates to represent video CV live and explain their ability and other qualities.


Tips for Virtual Interviewing:


Video interviews are not that scary and you can present yourself with confidence. To succeed in your virtual interviews make sure to follow the following practices.


  • At first, be prepared with all essential information or we can say be prepared with your Video CV. Make sure to make your CV highly impressive. Mention your qualities and qualification in that CV to showcase in your interviews.
  • Make sure to be prepared with the questions which they might ask related to your Video CV.
  • Make sure to treat video interviews with the same seriousness as in-person interviews.
  • Make sure to check out your internet connections.
  • Make sure to set your expectation.
  • Double-check your phone or laptop performance. Make sure that your internet works incredibly fine.
  • Make sure to check the camera and microphones.



Why Should Employers Consider Video CV?


The live or online system has got a bump and the coronavirus crisis has redefined many aspects and processes of this system. This pandemic has forced people to relook at some of the basic tenets of the way we live and the process of businesses.


Video CV is the mew creative type of resumes that allows employers to get the first impression. Video CV is crucial these days for any job seekers to showcase in their job interviews. CV works as the first impression and creates the possibility of getting a job as well. This is the reason why your video CV should be effective and impressive. This is becoming more common these days to use video in their job interviews. Most of the companies ask for the Video CV from the job seekers so that they can identify your creativity, flexibility, and credibility side of your character. Sending the digital version of a resume with a Video CV works is more effectively.


Video CV reduces the chances of faking. Make sure to mention you’re worth quality in your CV. As a recruiter, you must want to hire someone who has the ability for your work system and have that qualification and confidence. And the process of Video CV avoids fake applicants. In the video CV, you will be able to consider better technical skills of the applicants and other qualifications for your job as well. Video resumes will showcase the applicant's confidence and speaking abilities.


Video CV allows you to see the enthusiasm of the applicants and as a recruiter, you would be able to hire the one who is a good fit for the job. You can easily notice the enthusiasm of the applicant member on their video CV. You can also notice their confidence level.




To stop the spread of coronavirus, any recruiters can hire the employees with the help of virtual meetings or virtual interviews along with an ideal CV. Video CV is the new creative way of a resume where a candidate speaks about their qualifications, abilities and also showcase their level of confidence. One can easily hire a good fit person for the job.


If you are wondering to get a job then you can prefer a video cv to the business to apply for the job. They will virtually interact with you and will proceed with the further steps. You can easily give your interview views from your home and now you don't have to visit and to appear for the job interviews.