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Some of your Questions

  • What is the interview preparation app and how does it work?

    We have developed a tool called interview simulator as a replica of same interview setting. Once you have decided on the type of position and interview you want to take, this tool will prepare an interview script for you.

    This tool is developed exactly to help people with first time interview experience. With this tool you can practice interview freely and gain confidence needed. You can do this by practicing taking some interviews with different set of questions.

  • How to download interview preparation application?

    Download android version of this app via Play store.
    Andriod App

    Download IOS version of this app from App store for IPhone.
    iOS App

  • How to use Interview preparation Application?

    Download and Install My Mock Interview app and log in with social media login via Gmail or Facebook. Select following options from Dashboard.

    Create Video CV by answering 3 questions and send it with job application, share the link on CV and LinkedIn
    (1)Tell me about your self
    (2) Describe your recent experience with Deliverables.
    (3) Why Should we hire you ?

    Select the interview relevant to your industry and rehearse to improve your interview facing skills.

    Design your own interview and practice your interview.

    View recorded Video CV and share on Social media.

    View recorded interview answers, share with mentors and trainers.

    Share your Video CV URL with Job application, also share the same on CV and LinkedIn.

    Share Interview link with peers, colleagues so they can also practice the same interview.

  • Who should use this interview preparation application?

    Anyone experienced or freshers looking for better job opportunity can use this app to improve their interview facing skills, due to job interview nervousness many candidates struggles to explain interview answers in structured manner, many times candidates head and mouth goes out of sync and they regret not performing as they wanted to perform, this app will help them to master interview facing skills and help them get their dream job.

  • Why should I use interview preparation app ? What can I do with this app ?

    We become good at what we practise, getting success in Job interview is not a rocket science, Successful Job interview can change our life and can get us dream job. we can’t afford to learn from mistakes when it comes to job interview.

    Practising the most common interview questions again and again gives candidate a confidence and it becomes easy to answer tough interview questions in most professional manner,

    impress your future employer and get your career profile visible not just readable, rehearse your interview answers like an actor to overcome job interview nervousness , give your best shot to impress your future employers with your well-rehearsed answers. use it before your competitors starts using it.

    Following are the features of My mock interview job interview rehearsal app.

    • Create Video CV via answering 3 basic questions.
    • Share your video CV on LinkedIn or with recruitment agencies.
    • Practice your interview Skills selecting your industry.
    • Record audio video answers within 60 seconds
    • Replay to view your performance, Retry to rectify any mistakes
    • Share your well-rehearsed video with your mentor, Trainer.
    • Social Media login
    • Free of charge
  • Can I design my own job interview?

    Yes, You can via creating your own interview via website where you can add your interview questions, once added it will be available on mobile app under practice your own interview questions.

  • I am an experienced simulator. How will this be helpful to me?

    Studies have shown that an average person will remain in the same job for atleast 4 to 5 years, by that time you must have forgotten your interviewing skills, so you need a little brushing up for the same. This is the time this simulator tool will help you. You can take up a few interview practice and a set of latest questions will be given to you to test your skill and expertise. This way you will know how well prepared you are for the upcoming interviews in near future.

  • From where do I get the questions?

    We employ a well educated team of professionals having experience in their respective fields. We have a huge database of latest questions which we keep updating on daily basis to ensure you get most current and relevant questions pertaining to your industry.

  • What industries and positions can I practice with the help of this tool? What if I do not find my type of industry?

    You can find a complete list of positions on our industry page. Just click on your relevant industry and find your suitable position. In case you fail to find your position, write in to us on our contact us page. We keep updating our page with new list of positions on regular basis and would like to get your valuable feedback.